Imagined Boundaries: Film Series

Imagined Boundaries: Film Series

A short film series exploring boundaries

"Imagined Boundaries" screening by Jess Thoubboron

We go through life under the illusion that boundaries exist between ourselves and others. We’re told that there is a hard line drawn between life and death, that whatever dies is gone forever, whether it’s a relationship or a person we love. But if we examine our boundaries more closely, we can see the cracks emerge in our own perspectives. If we’re open, maybe we’ll find that there is more than meets the eye.

As we explore the nature of boundaries, we can challenge them, opening up new channels of communication between ourselves and others. This collection of short films asks us to question our boundaries, whether they’re personal, social, political, or spiritual. These films invite us to explore the possibilities of what could be.

The crowd at Imagined Boundaries screened at Silent Barn
"Strangers" directed by Jess Thoubboron at Imagined Boundaries


Format: 6 short films about the nature of boundaries
Date: August 20th, 2016 4:30-8pm
Location: Silent Barn | 603 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Cost: $5-10 sliding scale



Ronald Peet starring in "Strangers" by Jess Thoubboron
Rose Blanshei starring in "Strangers" by Jess Thoubboron

In a city full of people who habitually avoid each other, two strangers connect and then must make a choice about whether to keep up the lies they tell themselves or to be vulnerable enough to admit defeat and surrender. The strangers challenge each other as they enter a bubble of intimacy that draws them closer than they ever could have anticipated. Set in an intimate, dream-like atmosphere, “Strangers” unfolds a chance encounter that offers audiences a glimpse into their own fantasies about the desire to be loved and understood.

Written & directed by Jess Thoubboron
Produced by Michael Infante
Cinematography by Evan Cohen

Storefront Modigliani

"Storefront Modigliani" by Ben Hozie
"Storefront Modigliani" by Ben Hozie

It may already be too late, but it wasn’t until rock and roller Spence (Alex Fippinger) saw that thrift store mannequin did he realize that he still loves coy photographer Monika (Nikki Belfiglio). It may also be too late, but it wasn’t until hearing Spence’s song did Monika realize that she can’t stand him at all. Malena Filmus, Ned Van Zandt, and Kegan Zema co-star in this short chamber drama.

Written & directed by Ben Hozie
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Lucy Now Dreams Herself

Still from "Lucy Now Dreams Herself" by Oliver David
Still from "Lucy Now Dreams Herself" by Oliver David

On the second anniversary of his twin’s death, Arthur is still combing through the fragments she left behind. A celebrated travel blogger, Lucy’s writings and photos stretch like a vapour trail across the internet – right up to the point she vanished. Obsessed with his sister’s enduring digital presence, Arthur flees the city and journeys back to a land of old songs and abiding memories. In their childhood home, he hopes to find the part of Lucy that is missing online. Along for the ride, Arthur’s girlfriend tries to keep pace with his dreams and fictions. Meanwhile, his intractable father spins and unspins his own life story. But, with Arthur increasingly estranged from reality, it becomes clear that finding Lucy might mean losing himself.

Written & directed by Oliver David
Cinematography by Giacomo Frittelli
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Lonely Without a Company

"Lonely Without a Company" by Micah Hesse
"Lonely Without a Company" by Micah Hesse

Most people understand that a speculative bubble occurs when prices inflate beyond their fundamental value, but not all people appreciate that this bubble metaphor is a word with something magical added to it. It is like a coin that has a magical value imbued upon it. The extramundane quality that is added to the word bubble has become default in our everyday just like those flat balls of metal that are always understood as being much more than just flat balls of metal.

Some of the earliest coins struck by humans were often minted in such a way that left them concave. Like little spoons without handles it allowed two coins to spoon one another and thereby dismiss their solitude. More ancient coins were often less flat and more like spherical blobs. These early specimens were wholesome round coins with no need for companionship. That was before money had become magic and before bubbles were used as metaphors.

If we take a metaphor literally, or remind ourselves that money is just flat metal, we revert back to the commonplace. The root of economics is the “art of managing a household.” It was in that mundane household kitchen that I first noticed the evolution between the coin and the bubble.

Written & directed by Micah Hesse
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"trans·ience" by Brit Fryer
"trans·ience" by Brit Fryer

“trans·ience” is an exploration of how a trans selfhood can fit within the coming of age genre. What started as a narrative short film about a boy graduating from college morphs into an autobiographical essay about discovering the beauty of process and abjection. “trans·ience” draws on theoretical concerns of dominant ideology, genre conventions, and binary logic.

Written & directed by Brit Fryer
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Turnpike (rough cut)

"Turnpike" by Mike Infante
"Turnpike" by Mike Infante

Ray, a disgruntled and indignant father, embarks on a quest for retribution upon learning that his daughter’s iPhone 4S was smashed by her schoolyard bully. Navigating strip malls, traffic, and New Jersey’s elite upper crust, Ray, his daughter and his unwilling best friend, John, learn the true meaning of narcissism.

Written & directed by Mike Infante
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