PRIMA “Samba” Teaser

PRIMA “Samba” Teaser


This teaser was shot to commemorate the imminent release of PRIMA’s “Samba.”

Music video teaser, RT: 1:36
Film by: Jess Thoubboron
Music by: PRIMA
Starring: Rose Blanshei

More about PRIMA:


“Samba” Premiere / Interview w/ Rose Blanshei of PRIMA for Bedford + Bowery: “‘At our live shows, it feels like we’re really projecting something straight out of the heart,’ she said. ‘It’s always been really important for me, when we play, that we’re always doing something super bold and super honest.’ […] And Prima is certainly on to something different, managing to sound improvisational and ecstatic while precisely layered and timed all at once. It’s almost like they’re dabbling in the reverse logic of the void.”

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Behind the Scenes

Rose Blanshei on PRIMA's "Samba" shoot
Rose Blanshei on PRIMA's "Samba" shoot

Light setup for PRIMA's "Samba" music video teaser shoot

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